Groningen - University city

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Groningen is the city with the youngest population in the Netherlands because of the substantial number of student residents: there are over 50,000 students in higher and university education.

Currently, over 50,000 students are registered at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen and University, where they can choose from 175 courses. The Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen is the largest university of applied sciences in the north of the Netherlands. Students from home and abroad can choose from over seventy training courses in almost any field. The State University has nine faculties, divided over 150 buildings in the entire city and surroundings. The State University is the third university in the Netherlands after Amsterdam and Utrecht.

Groningen has its very own energy because of the large number of young people in higher or university training. They provide an economic boost to the city and ensure a wonderful nightlife. The cafés and clubs, in particular those at the Grote Markt and in the Poelestraat, are immensely popular among students. There is no fixed closing time, so take the opportunity to enjoy what the city has to offer until the wee small hours.

Orientation week
At the start of each university year, thousands of students flood the Groningen city centre. During this Keiweek, they are provided with the opportunity to become acquainted with the city when (sports) clubs, events, cultural institutions and political parties in Groningen present themselves to the new Groningen residents.

University museum
The University Museum has a collection of medical, physics, biology and psychological instruments and objects which were used at the University of Groningen. There are minerals and fossils as well as illustrations and costumes. In addition to the museological collections, the University Museum also manages various other collections, such as the portrait galleries of university professors.

City of Talent
The Treaty of Groningen is a collaboration between the University of Groningen, the Hanzehogeschool Groningen, the University Medical Centre and the municipality of Groningen with the objective of further developing the city as the ultimate knowledge and innovation city in the north of the Netherlands and to retain Groningen alumni.

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