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Extreme points of the Netherlands

This is a list of the extreme points of the Netherlands, the points that are farther north, south, east or west than any other location.

    1 European part of the Netherlands
    2 Netherlands
    3 Kingdom of the Netherlands
European part of the Netherlands
    Northernmost Point — Rottumerplaat (53°33′18″N 6°28′41″E)
    Northernmost Point (mainland) — near Roodeschool (53°27′56″N 6°44′48″E)
    Southernmost Point — boundary marker 12, near Kuttingen, municipality of Gulpen-Wittem, Limburg (50°45′01.5″N 5°54′54.0″E)
    Westernmost Point — Sint Anna ter Muiden (51°18′57″N 3°21′30″E)
    Easternmost Point — Bad Nieuweschans (53°10′49″N 7°13′40″E)

    Highest Point — Vaalserberg (322.7 m above sea level) (50°45′17″N 6°01′15″E)
    Lowest point — Zuidplaspolder near Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel (6.76 m below sea level) (51°59′09″N 4°37′54″E)

When in the list above the special municipalities in the Caribbean are included, the western- and southernmost points change to locations on the island Bonaire, whereas the highest point is on the island Saba. The approximate locations are:

    Westernmost Point — west of Lake Goto (12°17′2″N 68°24′52″W)
    Southernmost Point — Willemstoren Lighthouse Bonaire (12°1′26″N 68°14′52″W)
    Highest Point — Mount Scenery (877 m above sea level) (17°38′06″N 63°14′21″W)

Kingdom of the Netherlands
When all countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands are taken into account, the westernmost point moves to Aruba.
Westernmost Point — Divi village, Aruba (12°32′24″N 70°3′48″W)