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Claire Morgan The Sound of Silence - Noord Brabants Museum

Claire Morgan - The Sound of Silence: 8 Oct 2016 t/m 8 Jan 2017.  This autumn, the Noordbrabants Museum will exhibit the intriguing work of a young artist from Northern Ireland, Claire Morgan. After successful exhibitions abroad, including in Britain, this will be her first solo museum exhibition in the Netherlands.

Morgan’s sculptures and paintings explore the vulnerable relationship between people and their natural environment. Morgan’s work has already attracted lots of international attention in Paris, London, Milan and New York. The exhibition Claire Morgan, The Sound of Silence was made possible by the Renschdael Art Foundation.

Visual spectacle

Claire Morgan David Holbrook PhotographyClaire Morgan’s sculptures are enchanting show stoppers in which elegantly taxidermied animals are on the verge of falling, jumping or flying. Their frozen movement is emphasised by the interaction with monumental geometric shapes that seem to float. According to Morgan, the creation of these seemingly solid shapes from seeds, flies, leaves and pieces of plastic, hanging from nylon threads, symbolises the futile attempt of mankind to control and organise nature. By using artificial materials, such as plastic, she also exposes the destructive relationship that mankind has with nature.


The animals that are part of her installations have died in natural ways and she mounts them herself. The white sheets of paper on which she works are the basis of her blood drawings. With these drawings, Morgan tries to better fathom the materials from which her sculptures are made. In addition to fifteen installations, the exhibition includes twelve such drawings on paper.
Ironic note

For Claire Morgan, a title is an essential part of a work of art. She carefully chooses her titles. Her titles often include ironic references to English and American popular culture. For instance, the title of the exhibition The Sound of Silence refers to the 1965 evergreen song by Simon & Garfunkel about people’s inability to communicate with each other.