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Doing Business with the Netherlands

The following Departments of the Embassy deal with Economy, Trade, Investment and Agriculture between the Netherlands and other countries:

* Economic Department
* Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA)
* Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

The Economic Department of the Netherlands Embassy in London keeps up with Britain's macro-economic and trade policy. The department also reports about Britain's position on EU-affairs, including the Euro. Furthermore, Britain's policies regarding export, employment and social affairs, transport and the environment are closely monitored. The trade section within the Economic Department deals with all kinds of requests from Dutch companies in connection with their export to the United Kingdom and with requests for Dutch suppliers from British importers.

The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) is part of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, and its London offices are based at the Embassy. The agency facilitates direct investments of foreign companies in the Netherlands. Whether developing a first European presence or reconfiguring existing European operations, companies can obtain information, strategic perspective and practical help from the business professionals of the NFIA.

The Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs also covers agriculture, fisheries, food, forestry and nature. We facilitate contacts between Dutch agri-food business, fisheries, nature management organisations and agricultural research institutions and their counterparts in the United Kingdom and Ireland.