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Terracotta warriors in New Babylon

The travelling exhibition ‘Terracotta Warriors’ can be seen from 22 March to 1 July 2013 in the newly-rebuilt New Babylon shopping centre next to The Hague’s Central Station.

There visitors will see 100 impressive copies of the famous Terracotta Army from Xian in China.

The handmade replicas have already travelled to 14 other European cities and have drawn more than 3 million visitors.

The exhibition should not be confused with the one in Delft (where a female terracotta army will be exhibited in the Oude Kerk starting 27 April) and the one in the Drents Museum in 2008. During that exhibition there were 15 real terracotta warriors on display along with 150 other archaeological objects.
About the Terracotta Army

The ‘real’ army of clay was created about 2,200 years ago under orders by Chin She Huang Di, the first Emperor of China. The army with more than 8,000 fantastic life-size clay warriors and horses stood in a gigantic underground mausoleum complex, discovered by farmers in 1974.

It is estimated that 70,000 workers built his 2.5 square metre tomb said to be filled with legendary treasures.

The exhibition features a video and a scavenger hunt for children.

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