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30 april - locations during the inauguration of King William Alexander - google maps

The program surrounding the inauguration will take about 8 hours. At 10.00 hours, Queen Beatrix in the Moses Room of the Royal Palace in Amsterdam renounce the throne.

At 10.30 am King Willem-Alexander, Princess Maxima and Queen Beatrix will appear on the balconyon the balcony of the palace. The new royal couple will speech to the public.

From 14:00 to 15:30 the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander will take place in Nieuwe Kewrk Amsterdam. Here the king will hold a speech and take the oath. At 18.30 Willem-Alexander and Máxima will travel by bus to the EYE Film Institute.

There is a tour by boat on the IJ starting at 19.45. Around 21:00, the trip will end with salutes from the ships present. In conclusion, there is a dinner for invited guests.