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Municipality acquires World Forum - The Hague

The Municipality of The Hague has become the owner of the World Forum Convention Centre.

The negotiations with the bankruptcy trustee on acquiring the building have concluded successfully. A new rental agreement has been signed with GL-Events to organise conferences and events in the World Forum. This way the city retains its position as (inter)national conference location for the future.

The Municipality of The Hague sold the conference centre to TCN in 2002. The company declared bankruptcy at the end of 2012 and did not meet its obligations to maintain and invest in the building. The municipality entered talks with the bankruptcy trustee to acquire the World Forum because The Hague’s role as a conference city is seen as a top priority. The Municipal Council made € 25 million available to fix up and expand the World Forum.

The investments in the World Forum will enable it to compete better in terms of conference acquisition. A number of important conferences are booked for the coming years, including the Nuclear Security Summit in 2014.