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Nine Van Gogh paintings to go on display in January 2014 - North Brabant Museum

The North Brabant Museum (Het Noordbrabants Museum)  will open its final and largest gallery 850 square metres in size to visitors on 18 January 2014 after major refurbishment.

This will complete the renovation of the Noordbrabants Museum. To mark the event, nine paintings by Vincent van Vogh (1853 – 1890), the greatest artist to have come from Brabant have been brought together, including an early Paris self-portrait from the Van Gogh Museum’s collection. This is the most comprehensive presentation of original works that has been dedicated to Van Gogh in Brabant up to now.

The Van Gogh presentation forms part of the “Story of Brabant” that illustrates for the first time the artistic and cultural history of Brabant over the past six centuries by means of historical objects works of art and audio visual presentations. As a result of extensive renovations at the Northbrabants Museum, none of Van Gogh’s works have been on display in Brabant for the past 2 ½ years.
In the new arrangement the display focuses on works from Van Gogh’s Brabant period: peasant dwellings, examples of peasant life and paintings of peasants.

The Noordbrabants Museum illustrates the richness of Brabant art, history and culture. The museum is renowned for its historic collections of Roman archaeology, Flemish paintings from 1500 – 1800 and art from 1800.