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D(esign)-day Maastricht is looking for good design

D(esign)-day will host its tenth edition in May 2015. This special anniversary edition will unite exceptional, innovative, and unique designers from the Netherlands and abroad at one extraordinary location, and will feature an interesting programme that challenges both participants and visitors.

D(esign)-day showcases independent and accessible design in which common sense and originality converge, and design that can also be appreciated by subsequent generations for its beauty and practicality. Thanks to excellent participants and a close team of creative entrepreneurs, D(esign)-day has developed into a unique event that has prompted design-lovers from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany to flock to the southern Netherlands each year.

Only those designers who create and produce their own designs are invited to attend. Visitors not only come to admire and buy these designs, they are also interested in discussing the pieces with their creators. An interesting side programme will offer them the opportunity to learn even more about the design and production process.

Would you like to participate in this event?
Registration is open until 27 March 2015. To participate in this event, the work has to meet certain standards which can be found on our website. A professional and independent design jury will decide wether the work is selected for the event or not. Visit our website for more information on registration.

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