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Geertruidenberg is a city and municipality in the province North Brabant in the south of the Netherlands. The city, named after Saint Gertrude of Nivelles, received city rights in 1213 from the count of Holland. The fortified city prospered until the 15th century.

Today, the municipality of Geertruidenberg also includes the population centres Raamsdonk and Raamsdonksveer. The municipality has a total area of 29.86 km2 and as of 2007 it has a population of 21,104 inhabitants.

Geertruidenberg is named after Saint Gertrude of Nivelles.
In 1213, Sint Geertruidenberg (English: "Saint Gertrude's Mountain") received city rights from Count William I of Holland. The fortified city became a trade center, where counts and other nobility gathered for negotiations. The Hook and Cod wars in 1420 and the Saint Elizabeth's flood in 1421 ended the prosperity of the city.
In 1588 the city was betrayed to Parma by its English garrison.
Today, Geertruidenberg is part of the province of North Brabant, but it was once part of the county of Holland. Geertruidenberg is the oldest city of Holland as it was the first to receive city rights. It is a common misconception that Geertruidenberg is the oldest city of the Netherlands, because the names Holland and the Netherlands are used interchangeably by some.

As of 2006, the total area of the municipality is 29.86 km² (11.5 sq mi), of which 27.02 km² is land and 2.84 km² is water.
The municipality of Geertruidenberg comprises three population centres:
*   Geertruidenberg
*   Raamsdonk
*   Raamsdonksveer
Geertruidenberg is located on the bank of the Donge, close to where this river flows into the Amer.

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