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The Board of Amsterdam Museums (OAM) is a board of private and public museums in Amsterdam. The board became active in the 1980s. All members are registered museums and members of the Dutch Museum Association.

OAM has a chosen chair and vice-chair. The present (2010-2014) chair is Michiel Buchel (director NEMO) and the vice-chair is Judikje Kiers (director of the Museum Our Lord at the Attic and the Biblical Museum). The group meets four times a year.


List of members

The present 40 members are:

    Allard Pierson Museum
    Amsterdam Museum
    Anne Frank Museum
    de Appel arts centre
    Biblical Museum
    Special collections University Library
    the Burcht
    EYE Film Institute
    Foam museum
    Museum Geelvinck Hinlopen
    Hermitage Amsterdam
    Dutch Theatre
    Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam
    Huis Marseille
    Jewish Historical Museum
    Amsterdam Castle/ Muiderslot
    Dutch Institute for Media art


    New Church
    Old Church
    Museum Our'Lord at the Attic
    Press museum
    Rembrandt Museum
    Royal Palace
    Smoke and Pipe Museum
    The Scheepvaartmuseum
    Museum the Schip
    City Archive Amsterdam
    Stedelijk Museum
    Museum of Bags and Purses
    Museum of the tropics
    Van Gogh Museum
    Funeral Museum
    Museum Van Loon
    Dutch Resistance Museum
    Museum Willet-Holthuysen