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NEMO science centre in Amsterdam

NEMO is the largest science centre in the Netherlands. With five floors full of exciting things to do and discover, it is the perfect place for anyone with an inquiring mind.

Everything in NEMO is connected to science and technology. Exhibitions, theatre performances, films, workshops and demonstrations. You will smell, hear, feel and see how the world works. After a visit to NEMO, you will know why bridges are so strong, what you will look like in 30 years, why you look so much like your parents, how to purify water, what happens when you kiss, how lightning and satellites work and much more. In other words, a day at NEMO is a pretty smart thing to do!

NEMO will surprise, fascinate and excite you. What do you think of exhibitions with names like Codename: DNA, Amazing Constructions and Teen Facts? Or the Ball Factory and Why the World Works?

Space shower
Whether you’re in a boat, a train or an airplane, cosmic rays are constantly bombarding through you. But it’s not something you notice because you don’t see or feel anything. But what is cosmic radiation and where does it come from? In NEMO’s exhibition Space Shower, these mysterious rays from space will be made visible.

The search for life
‘The search for life’ interactive exhibition at NEMO
How likely is it that an extraterrestrial will actually phone home? Will you ever see a stone running away? And what do you have in common with a jellyfish and a plant? Come and visit the new ‘The search for life’ exhibition at NEMO and discover the secrets of life.
What is the difference between life and a lifeless object, how did life begin billions of years ago and is there really a chance of extraterrestrial life? After visiting the ‘The search for life’ exhibition, you will be able to tell your friends, parents and even your teacher all the answers. And the best thing about NEMO is that you have to try everything out for yourself!

Smart Technology
The new exhibition on light  showcases new innovations in and applications of light in the fields of healthcare, design, art and fashion. But you can also see how light stimulates the growth of plants and human development and how it can be used in data transfer. In addition the exhibition puts the spotlight on LED lighting and shows we are entering a new era in terms of light.

Codename: DNA
Codename: DNA takes you on a journey through your own body, where you are introduced to life and how it works. Codename: DNA tells you everything you need to know about DNA, from its discovery (back in 1869!), up to the present day and into the future.

NEMO's Wonder Lab
Can you change the colour of red cabbage simply by using soap? Do you know how to find out whether orange juice contains vitamin C? And how can you make glue from potatoes? You will find answers to all of these questions in NEMO’s Wonder Lab. So put on your lab coat and safety goggles and come and experiment in the Lab!

Amazing Constructions
Have you ever asked yourself why bridges and buildings are so strong? Amazing Constructions is an exhibit about technical constructions; about bridges and buildings with muscle. This is the place to discover the effects of form, strength and balance. Experiment with wobbly skyscrapers, trembling cables and high-speed lifts. Discover the difference between push and pull power. Do you dare to be a builder on a skyscraper? Would it be difficult to copy the NEMO building?

Machine Park
This ball factory gives you the chance to sort the balls according to colour, size and weight. Check the results at the control unit. Is everything correct? Then your order is ready for dispatch. Scan the barcode, select the correct destination and send your package on its way.