Visit Holland - The Netherlands

Attractions and places of interest in South Holland

Highlights of Zuid-Holland -  Zuid-Holland offers a rich variety of fascinating cities and places of interest, all in close proximity to each other.

  • Euromast, Rotterdam
    From a height of 100 metres, the Euromast offers breathtaking views of the river, port and city. Check out the brand new Discovery Tour, a multimedia tour complete with (historic) audio and video fragments. In the summer, daredevils can even abseil or rope-slide down from the top of the Euromast. Visitors with a real head for heights can take the Euroscope, a rotating lift which travels up to a height of 185 metres.
  • Alphen
    The town of Alphen boasts two of the region's biggest attractions, Vogelpark Avifauna Bird Park and Theme Park Archeon. At Avifauna Bird Park, come face-to-face with spectacular birds from all corners of the world. Theme Park Archeon takes you on a journey to the days of the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages and Prehistoric times. Both parks are well worth a visit! and
  • The Big Five, Zoetermeer
    The ‘City of Leisure' ....that sums up Zoetermeer! Zoetermeer is the only city in the Netherlands where residents and visitors alike can enjoy skiing on real snow, rafting or white water canoeing, ice-skating and rockclimbing, or play a relaxing game of golf amidst the picturesque hills of our Buytenpark.   SnowWorld, Dutch Water Dreams, PWA Silverdome, AyersRock and BurgGolf together form the biggest leisure park in the Netherlands, with an (inter)national reputation to be proud of. Together, they form The Big Five of Europe..... in the multi-faceted city of Zoetermeer.
  • Space Expo, Noordwijk
    Space exploration is exciting and adventurous. In fact, it is almost as exciting as a visit to Space Expo. How does gravity work? What is a black hole? What is the purpose of satellites? Discover it for yourself at  the ‘gravity square’, the ‘satellite square’ or the ‘gravitation well’. A visit to one of Europe’s largest permanent space expos is a breathtaking and educational experience for young and old alike.
  • Keukenhof, Lisse
    At Keukenhof,gain inspiration and relax in beautiful surroundings. In the midst of this magnificent spectacle of colour, you will also find exquisite works of art. A feast for the eye,along with  the unique flower shows in the different pavilions. The theme for 2010 is ‘From Russia with Love’. Keukenhof has surprises in store for visitors of all ages. Remember to bring your camera along on this unique experience.
    Open: 22th March until 20th May 2012.
  • Madurodam, Scheveningen
    For over 55 years, the worldfamous miniature city of Madurodam has led  visitors on a fascinating journey around the Netherlands. The typical canal-side buildings of Amsterdam, the Dom Tower (Cathedral Tower) of Utrecht, the ‘Binnenhof’ inner court with the Gold Carriage in The Hague and the Delta Works. In Madurodam, these iconic symbols of the Netherlands have been modelled to a scale of 1:25, down to the last detail.  

Cities and regions

  • Gouda
    The name Gouda conjures up images of cheese, clay pipes, syrup waffles, pottery and stained glass windows, a fairytale-like town hall and atmospheric canals. Gouda boasts more than 300 monuments, including the St John's Church, the Kaaswaag Weighing House and the Town Hall, all within walking distance of each other. How about a visit to the Gouda Cheese and Craft Fair during the summer months? Visitors to Gouda are assured of a very special day out!
  • Discover the history of Leiden
    Leiden boasts over 2,700 monuments:from almshouses to windmills andchurches to city gates. In fact, the entire city centre of Leiden is one huge monument. The relatively short distances within the city’s canal-side setting make a walk along these beautiful sights the perfect way to discover Leiden. An experience not to be missed!
  • Multi-faceted Zoetermeer
    Discover... multi-faceted Zoetermeer! Beauty spots, distinctive architecture, exciting leisure facilities, glittering events and stunning shopping centres; Zoetermeer has it all. What could be more rejuvenating than a recreational break, walking and cycling in beautiful forests and parks? Or how about visiting one of the more than 80 events that are held each year in Zoetermeer? The variety of shopping experiences, restaurants and easy access make a day trip to Zoetermeer an unforgettable experience.
  • Dordrecht, city of monuments
    Dordrecht is the oldest city of Holland and is situated on the busiest junction of a number of major inland waterways, in the far north-western corner of the Island of Dordrecht. With over one thousand monuments, historic inner-city harbours, countless bridges, stunning river views and streets, Dordrecht is well worth a detour. Explore the city aboard an electro boat ("fluisterboot"), or on foot. The island is also the gateway to De Biesbosch National Park, a unique freshwater tidal area. and
  • Cities on the banks of the river Linge
    Said to be one of the most beautiful rivers in the Netherlands, the Linge flows from the province of Gelderland into Zuid-Holland. On the banks of the river Linge, you will find small historic cities such as Leerdam, famous for its glass art. The National Glass Museum and the Glass Factory are well worth a visit. A lovely bike ride takes you to the fortified city of Gorinchem, where the river Linge flows into the river Merwede. The historic cities of Gorinchem, Woudrichem and Slot Loevestein together form the ‘Vestings3hoek’ - a triangle of fortified cities. A walk on the fortified ramparts of the cities is highly recommended. and
  • Tiengemeten
    The island of Tiengemeten is an adventurous nature reserve in Haringvliet. The island’s former agricultural landscape has been restored to its natural (rugged) glory. Tiengemeten is a haven for plants and animals, as well as for recreation and nature enthusiasts. Enjoy a bike ride, a saunter along the dikes, spend the night at a farmhouse, or visit the Rien Poortvlietmuseum. The island can be reached by ferry from the Hoeksche Waard. and
  • Versatile Vlaardingen
    Discover Vlaardingen, a city that evolved from  the first fishing harbour of the Netherlands. Learn more about this versatile city in the Visserij & Vlaardings Museum. Vlaardingen has been crowned the Greenest Town of the Netherlands. To experience the greenery of Vlaardingen in all its glory, why not hop aboard the Andante electro boat for a special sightseeing tour.
  • Westland and Midden-Delfland
    The "Westland" is mainly known for its ultra-modern greenhouse cultivation and beaches. However, the area has so much more to offer! Discover “special Westland” with its picturesque village centres and delightful shopping centres. Explore the area aboard a 'Westlander'. History buffs should certainly pay a visit to the Westlands Museum and the  Westlandse Druif theme park. Cyclists, meanwhile, can explore the region to their hearts' content, courtesy of the Midden-Delfland cycle network.


  • Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam
    Museum Boijmans van Beuningen has an art collection spanning from medieval times up to the present day. The museum has something for everyone, from Bosch, Rembrandt and Van Gogh to Dalí and Dutch Design. The museum features internationally renowned masterpieces as well as temporary exhibitions. These works of art will captivate your imagination for many hours!
  • Discover the museums of Leiden
    Leiden has twelve fantastic museums, all within walking distance of each other. Dinosaur skeletons, masterpieces by Rembrandt, Wayang dolls from Indonesia, the history of medicine, an Egyptian temple, treasures from Japan and everything about “Leidens Ontzet” (Leiden Liberation): all this is waiting to be explored in the museums of Leiden.
  • Mauritshuis, The Hague
    In the Mauritshuis in The Hague, you can admire worldfamous paintings such as Vermeer’s 'Girl with a Pearl Earring', a self-portrait by Rembrandt, as well as masterpieces by Jan Steen, Paulus Potter and Carel Fabritius.


  • The Islands of Zuid-Holland
    Explore the many sights of Zuid-Holland's islands. Water, beaches, dunes, forests and polders form a haven of peace and tranquillity; a vast expanse with historic towns and picturesque villages. Nestled between the coastline of Zeeland and the hustle and bustle of the international port of Rotterdam, this recreational area is ideal for short breaks as well as longer holidays. 
  • Noordwijk. Holland’s Finest Beach
    A unique combination of stylish beach resorts, natural splendour and a rich history. Located in the heart of Holland's flower bulb region, the beautiful seaside resort of Noordwijk is awash with colour each spring, earning it the nickname “the Flower Resort of Europe”. ‘Diversity’ is the hallmark of Noordwijk. Noordwijk offers a mixture of relaxation, with restaurants and shops, cultural attractions such as Theater De Muze and the historic village centre, and countless activities.
  • Katwijk
    Getting out and about in Katwijk means hours of fun and enjoyment. Katwijk has it all. Sun, sea and of course, sand! Walk through the endless expanse of dunes, enjoy a selection of museums and historic places of interest, or go on a shopping spree in the arcade behind  the boulevard. Round off the day at one of the many outdoor cafés, or dine in style in one of the many excellent (fish) restaurants. Katwijk is sparkling and energetic, and hosts a variety of musical and sporting events during the tourist season.