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WiFi in Zeeland

WiFi Zeeland is rolled out at important touristic locations in various municipalities. This summer, 96 hotspots will be rolled out. For an overview of locations visit

Will any more WiFi locations be rolled out in the near future?
More hotspots will be rolled out in consultation with municipalities and companies. For a current overview of all hotspots visit .

How do I log on to WiFi in Zeeland?
At a hotspot you will automatically see WiFi Zeeland appear among your WiFi connections. Select this network. The login page will appear. Once you have accepted the terms you can immediately use WiFi Zeeland. As from 1 August 2012 you will be able to select a faster Internet connection, for which you will have to pay.

Do I need a password to log in?
You do not need a password to log on to free WiFi Zeeland.

What are the up and download speeds of WiFi Zeeland?
The speeds are 1 Mb/s down, 256 kb/s up.

Why do I first have to accept the General Conditions?
We want to be sure that WiFi is used correctly by everyone. To prevent misuse, you first need to accept the general conditions. It contains clearly formulated agreements.

It doesn’t work, what now?
First, try again later. If despite repeated attempts you cannot connect, report this to the nearest shop with a 'WiFi Zeeland' sticker on the front of the building.

Which devices  does WiFi Zeeland support?
All Smartphones, tablets and laptops with a WiFi connection to the Internet also give you access to WiFi Zeeland.

Is there a time limit?
There is no time limit for free WiFi Zeeland.

Is there a limit for my number of MBs?
In principle there is no limit. However, there is the so-called Fair Use Policy. You can read about this Policy in the general conditions on

Are there any sites that are blocked by WiFi Zeeland?
In principle, ZeelandNet does not block sites, unless compelled to do so by law.

Who is behind WiFi Zeeland?
WiFi Zeeland is an initiative of DELTA, the Province of Zeeland and the Zeeland Tourist Board (Promotie Zeeland Delta). ZeelandNet is the provider.

Which provider is used for WiFi Zeeland?

Can I use WiFi Zeeland at home?
If you live near one of the hotspots, you can use WiFi Zeeland at home.

Do I have to log in every time I want to use WiFi Zeeland?
Depending on your system settings (remember or forget network), it will recognise the network after logging on once. After a certain period of inactivity, the connection might be broken off.

Is WiFi Zeeland safe?
WiFi Zeeland is a public network, and such networks are always less safe than your own (secured) WiFi network. Information sent or received by you can be visible to others. You should always be aware of this. So only make a connection from locations with adequate signal reception. A bad connection means less speed. Make sure that you have a proper firewall and anti-virus software installed and that they are always updated.

Always be careful when logging on to social media or your bank. Such services always offer a safe connection via SSL or HTTPS. You can recognise this by the small ‘lock’ in the URL.

I have a laptop, but I have no wireless connection!
Does your system have a wireless adapter? Go to Control Panel,  System, Hardware, Device manager, Network adapters. Is the wireless adapter connected? If not, connect it and again try to access our network.