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In the fourteenth century, Groningen became a member of the Hanseatic League (1282-1669), a collaboration of merchants primarily from Germany, Scandinavia, England, Poland, the Baltic States, Russia and the Netherlands.

Representatives of the Hanse met during the Hansetage (Hanseatic Days) in order to take decisions. In 1463, a Hanseatic Day was held in Groningen. The Hanseatic Days that are held today are focused on keeping the idea of the international Hanse alive, developing the self-awareness in European countries and promoting mutual collaboration.

Hanseatic House
The Hanseatic House in Groningen does business according to Hanseatic tradition. Products are imported from various Hanseatic Towns in Europe: marzipan from Lübeck and Rotspon, coffee and tea from the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Bang’s Jam from Copenhagen, Mr. Stanley’s Fudge from London and afternoon tea by Tiktak coffee and tea from Groningen.

Hanseatic Walk
Go back into time with this walk through the Hanseatic history of Groningen. The traces of this period may no longer be very distinct, but there is lots to explore for observant strollers. The walk is available at the Tourist Information Office at the Grote Markt.