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Groningen - Facts & Figures & Google Map

If you were to draw a horizontal line through the centre of the Netherlands, (leaving Amsterdam aside) you would be left with Groningen as the largest city in the top half.

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Groningen - University city

Groningen is the city with the youngest population in the Netherlands because of the substantial number of student residents: there are over 50,000 students in higher and university education.

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Groningen - Architecture

The city includes apartments, working-class houses, newly-built houses, offices, historic mansions, warehouses, hospices, courts and modern schools and museums; from the old Gold Office to the brand-new Tasman residential tower block, Groningen stands for architecture.

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Groningen - Hanseatic city - Google Map

In the fourteenth century, Groningen became a member of the Hanseatic League (1282-1669), a collaboration of merchants primarily from Germany, Scandinavia, England, Poland, the Baltic States, Russia and the Netherlands.

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