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Hotels close to landmarks in Maastricht

Hotels close to landmarks in Maastricht, Binnenstad, Boschstraatkwartier, Heugum, Jekerkwartier, Kommelkwartier, Randwijck, Statenkwarti,er, Villa Park Wijck, Witte Vrouwenveld, Grotten St. Pietersberg,...........

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The Maastricht Treaty

The Maastricht Treaty (formally, the Treaty on European Union or TEU) was signed on 7 February 1992 by the members of the European Community in Maastricht, Netherlands.

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Maastricht - some photo impressions

A visit to Maastricht can easily be combined with a day trip spent exploring the surrounding area. After all, Maastricht's central location within the Euregion means that you never have far to go!

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Study in Maastricht

To study in Maastricht is to study with an international perspective.

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Vaeshartelt estate recently joined Maastricht Convention Bureau

Vaeshartelt estate recently joined the Maastricht Convention Bureau foundation, which now has 46 partners.

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Maastricht Convention Bureau

The Maastricht Convention Bureau is a foundation which promotes Maastricht & region as a destination for conferences and corporate meetings.

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Charles Eijck Park Maastricht

In the Céramique district, situated between Square 1992 and the Bonnefantenmuseum is located the Charles Eyck Park.

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Jewish Maastricht

Judaism in Maastricht traces back to the Middle Ages. A synagogue with a mikvah existed in the city before 1295. However, severe pogroms persuaded Jews to leave Limburg en masse.

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