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Museum Fundatie Zwolle

Museum de Fundatie owns and administers a substantial collection of art, accumulated by Dirk Hannema, the former director of the Boymans Museum.

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Municipalities in Overijssel on Google maps

Overijssel  is a province of the Netherlands in the central-eastern part of the country.

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The Hanseatic League history

Resulted from the cooperation between a number of North-German merchants the Hanseatic League grew in the 14th and 15th century into a powerful economic factor.

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Twente is a non-administrative region in the eastern Netherlands. It encompasses the most urbanised and easternmost part of the province of Overijssel.

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Kampen is a municipality, a city and an old Hanseatic city at the lower reaches of the river IJssel in the Dutch province of Overijssel.

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Vecht in Overijssel

The Vechte  or Vecht (in Dutch) (Dutch pronunciation: often called Overijsselse Vecht (Dutch pronunciation:in the Netherlands to avoid confusion with its Utrecht counterpart, is a river in Germany and the Netherlands. Its total length is 167 km, of which 107 km are on German soil.

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Doesburg is a municipality and a city in the eastern Netherlands in the province of Gelderland. Doesburg received city rights in 1237 and currently has 11,602 inhabitants (1 January 2007, source: CBS).

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Enschede, is a municipality and a city in the eastern Netherlands in the province of Overijssel and in the Twente region.

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Hof van Twente

Hof van Twente is a municipality in the eastern Netherlands, province Overijssel. The municipality came into being on January 1, 2001 as the result of the merger of the municipalities of Diepenheim, Goor, Markelo, Ambt Delden, and Stad Delden.

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Zwolle is a municipality and the capital city of the province of Overijssel, Netherlands, 120 kilometres (75 mi) northeast of Amsterdam. It has about 120,000 citizens.

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Staphorst is a municipality and a town in the eastern Netherlands. The villages of Staphorst and its southern neighbour Rouveen came into existence as in the 13th century monks started to bring the bogs and swamps into culture.

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